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Hello LA

So this is my “official” announcement…I know I’ve made comments and obviously all our friends know. As of September, we will be based out of L.A. It has literally been my dream since I was 16 to move here. I wanted to go to UCLA summer program, my mom said no but I did go on a teen tour across the west coast that summer and spent 3 weeks in California. I knew then that I wanted to raise my children here. I then begged to come to college here…once again my parents said “NOPE” so I went to MIAMI 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 (GO CANES) After I graduated college and everybody was moving to NYC…I tried again, “Mom I want to move to LA!” Not on my dollar was her answer. Well it really almost happened when I was 24 but I met my husband right as I started to plan my move and had accepted a job! Here we are 15 years later…I am turning 40 this summer and I refuse to wake up at 80 and have this regret! We will ALWAYS be New Yorkers but now we will be NEW YORKERS living in CALI with palm trees, sunshine, hikes, beach walks, weekends in Malibu, lunch in Venice Beach, dinner in Santa Monica…swimming, barbqing and playing basketball in our backyard EVERY DAMN DAY. I will wake up to palm trees not sanitation trucks. Last I heard, a little Beverly Hills never hurt a girl…we will be back in NYC once a month and we will still be spending our summers in the HAMPTONS…so don’t worry those that love us, and for those that hate me~ ha I’ll still be IN YO FACE, giving you something to talk about; your life would be so boring without me 😘 This quote literally sums up my feelings on the situation! I keep pinching myself and think I’m dreaming… DREAMS DO COME TRUE…if you ANNOY the fuckin shit out of your husband long enough 😘