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and this is HOW WE DO IT. First place…my team is #1 and I was the #1 fundraiser for the entire event. Oh, and they named a room after me at the Covenant House, so there’s that. But par for the course I was late and missed the orientation where they announced that their site was apparently hacked as so much money was raised in such a short time and asked me to stand up to be acknowledged- OOPS, I was putting my own kids to bed so I missed the nice dedication to me!

Pay it Forward


As most of us who know Chris may have already heard he was in a very serious car accident early on Thanksgiving day enroute to his sisters house to join her and his mom and niece for Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately Chris didn’t make it, He was airlifted to Central Maine medical center where he remains in a coma with a severe skull fracture, Spine damage,Shattered foot and vertebrate damage.We are trying to raise this money so we can bring Chris to Boston via Med flight so he can get better care and be closer to his immediate family who live 4 hours away from the hospital. Chris is a friend, A brother, Uncle and a son but most of all he is a human being in need of help. Any donation in any increment helps regardless. Please help us on our Goal to bring Chris home to get better care and be closer to those who love and care for him. Thank you all for your help and kindness in this time of need.

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Prayers for Bri & Scotty

As we both know, Thanksgiving is just two short days away.  Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and reflect on all we have to be thankful for.  Just yesterday, 12 year old Bri Blumenthal was hit on her bike by a car that ran a red light due to the sun being in the drivers eyes.  Within one minute, first responders were on the scene and she was airlifted to the hospital in Norfolk, Virginia (about a 30 minute flight).  She has “died” twice and is on life-support.  Yesterday they gave her no chance of surviving, and this morning they did a scan and said the swelling had gone down a LITTLE.  A few hours later they did another CT scan and it was not what they hoped.  She is fighting for her life but even if she does make it, there is no telling what her quality of life will be like.
Bri lives with Scotty, her father, that is a single dad.  He also has two other children.  Everyone in our community knows the bond between Scotty and his daughter and she is the love and light of his life.  We live in a small town and the majority of the people rely on tourism to pay their bills, and during the winter time it can be tough for some to stay above water.  With his daughter in the hospital, Scotty is unable to work and her medical bills are going to be SKY high.  In addition, he has two other children that deserve a few presents under the Christmas tree if there is any leftover.

We started the GoFundMe account and our community has rallied around and donated over 11K.  I’ve had surgery 9 times and I know that 11K will help, but with Bri’s condition, the outcome is unknown.  I just hoped during the holidays that some of your followers might feel compassion and donate, even if its $5, to help this family out.

Miracle Girl Qirat’s Last Wish

Qirat Chapra is an incredible 18 year old girl who has been a patient with the Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston for most of her life. Qirat has a severe combined T and B cell immunodeficiency that has led to a host of complications including interstitial lung disease, bronchiectasis, cutaneous t-cell lymphoma, liver leiomyoma, compression fractures of thoracic vertebra, disseminated CMV infection, right forearm/left fingertip skin necrosis and chronic pain.

Qirat’s lungs are severely damaged from the past year when she was hospitalized in the ICU due to an infection with drug-resistant E. Coli and a worsening of her chronic cytomegalovirus infection. Qirat is known as the miracle child of her hospital because despite of all the conditions she has suffered through, she is still living.

Qirat has lived her entire life away from her parents in Pakistan as she is receiving treatment in the U.S. Her parents tried uncountable times to get a Visa to visit her in the U.S. but they keep getting rejected. Qirat is tired of going to the ICU because she returns with new limitations and disabilities of the collateral damage from her severe illness. She has only spent 11 weeks of this year at home thus far. She is quickly losing what makes life important to her and the only thing that gives her hope to keep living is that she has not seen her parents for more than 10 years. She is suffering from chronic pain, constant difficulty with breathing and has now lost use of her dominant hand.

It is highly unlikely that she will be able to safely discharge from the hospital. Qirat is dying. She wants to go home to die peacefully without having more medical procedures done to her. Her only wish is to see her parents that she has lived her entire life without. She begs her nurses and doctors countless times to make this happen because she says, “my time here is short.”

Her only hope at this point is to receive mass media attention towards Obama and the United States government to issue her parents an emergency Visa. She is battling life and death only to fulfill her last wish. She deserves to see her parents and her brothers for the last time.

We have started this petition to help make this happen:

Please share this story and help Qirat reunite with her parents!

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The Arrow

So I have some exciting news…As many of you know I strongly believe in random acts of kindness and helping others. I do get many emails and direct messages from followers asking for advice, guidance etc…If you have ever emailed me you know that I respond to every single note I get…and try to help each and every person in whatever way I can. Well, I am officially launching a guardian angel program as so many people go thru difficult times and they are all different circumstances….having strong empowering people to guide you can sometimes make all the difference in the world…It is my goal to help as many people as possible thru their darkest days…whether it be an illness, a divorce, depression, bullying, financial etc…I will keep you posted with developments as I have them…thank you to my dear friend Dara for helping me tie together all the pieces of the puzzle…the minute she said it, I was like YES!!!

As I said, we will do our best to help everybody whether it be financial, mental or emotional support…everybody needs a guardian angel at times and help with a new chapter…GET READY TO LAUNCH, we will help get you on your feet and move forward… #girlpower #bethechangeyouwishtosee #guardianangels #leadbyexample #arrows #truths #supportsystem